About Magic “Mike” Winters

Mike Winters is a certified hypnotist/comedy magician who has been entertaining audiences throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico for the past 30 plus years.  You may have seen him at HBO Comedy contest, Laughs R Us Comedy Contest, HBO TV and most recently starred in the made for TV pilot “Who’s Mind Is It Anyway.”

 Using his experience from over 4000 shows, Mike’s quick wit, clean humor, unique talents, flexibility, and versatility will produce a high-energy comedy, adventure filled with hilarious humor, audience participation, all done in good taste and specifically tailored to your group needs.

 Imagine this, a select group of volunteers from the audience (your friends,  and colleagues) come on stage to participate in a comedy hypnosis show. Using the power of suggestion and imagination they will become the stars of the show taking us all on a wild mental journey through their own imagination that will make you laugh out loud while experiencing a show of a lifetime.  Truly an event you will never forget! Imagine the fun and excitement when they sing or dance like Elivs, talk like Martians or win millions of dollars in the lottery.

 Mike has been the choice of hundreds of Event Planners, Corporate clients, colleges, fairs and festivals.  With repeats of 90%, some for over 16 years! With performances like this you rest assured and expect the best from Mike.