Amazingly Funny

More Than Magic

  • When Magic “mike” appears, don’t expect just another Magic show.
  • Expect to hear the laughter of an audience enjoying comedy at it’s best.
  • Expect to see gasping in amazement at the impossible made possible.
  • Expect to see an audience enjoying top-flight professional entertainment.
  • Expect The Best!

A performer who brings you…

Experience – 14 years of professional entertainment in TV commercials, stage, and comedy clubs

Quality – First place winner in the HBO Comedy contestant in La Crosse, Wisconsin and First place winner in the Beck’s Beer Laughs R’ Us comedy night

Versatility – Can tailor his performance to your needs. On stage in front of your group, close up strolling within your crowd, or a combination of both.

Close Up – Where people can become the star of the show as the magic happens in their hands while he mingles with the crowd performing card tricks, magic, and sleight of hand. A great way to get people mixing and talking and having a great time.

Stage – Watch reality fade as objects vanish. Live doves and rabbits appear from nowhere.  Where illusions are performed with award-winning comedy just a few feet from the audience.  Imagine the fun and excitement when a friend places his neck in a French guillotine.

Customized Presentation – Your company information, brochures, logos, and new products can be made to appear.  Competitors can be made to disappear. Where salespeople, managers, and CEOs become the star of the show when they perform the magic.

 When you plan to have entertainment for any special event guarantee the success of that occasion.  Treat your audience to the very special talent of MAGIC MIKE!

What Do Others Have to Say?

Comedian, magician Magic “Mike” kept the audience spellbound with various illusions and magical routines that involved several members of the audience.  The adults were dazzled by the incredible sleight of hand as they saw balls disappear and reappear, cut pieces of rope made into one. Magic “Mike” won the hearts of the youngins as he turned a balloon into a beautiful white dove. And, of course, what magic show would be complete with a rabbit in a hat.

— Sandwich, IL

The master of sleight of hand Magic “Mike performed for packed fairgrounds at the Butler County Fair last week. His audience was captivated by his award-winning comedy magic act.

“First, it’s the queen of hearts,” he says as he shows the audience.  “Now it’s the ten of diamonds” with a quick tap on the girl’s head, it magically changed.

One audience member commented after the performance, “his sleight of hand is great and this guy is funny, too!”

— Hamilton, OH

Hired by the fair board to entertain children of all ages, Magic “Mike” does not disappoint.  During one of his Saturday afternoon performances Magic “Mike” transformed a balloon into everything from a halo to an air-cushioned toilet seat.  With the assistance of an audience member, Magic “Mike” magically made an egg disappear – Presto! It reappeared. With a little more magic he later changed his animal friend, Murphy the white dove, into a rabbit that the children later gathered to pet after the show.  A constant during this show of illusion was the laughter throughout the audience.

— Barabook, WI

As guests held their breath, the razor-sharp guillotine fell on the head of one of their fellows 

Saturday night as 200 salesmen and guests gathered at the Ritz Carlton in Chicago, Illinois for an annual appreciation dinner.

The wife of the condemned breathed a sigh of relief as he rejoined her at their table.  The brave victim smiled as Magic “Mike” stated, “I bet he will never put his neck on the line again!” heads rolled with laughter.

— Chicago, IL